Vulnerability – weakness, fear, hurt, betrayal or beauty, rawness, deep love, power?

In recent times, I have been pondering vulnerability and the cycle of its existence in my life. As a personal development and wellbeing coach I ask my clients to open up completely, to drop any façade and just come in raw and deep.  Now this doesn’t often happen by itself and it takes a conversation [...]

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Are you in the driver’s seat of your life? Or sitting in the back seat?

Over the many years I have been coaching I see that attitude, responsibility and ownership of ourself and our life is the key if we are to develop strong resilience and create a flourishing life. ​ We can all probably agree that, the negative voice in our head seems to shout the loudest when we [...]

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“Hello, how are you?” – meaningless dribble or empowerment?

“I’m good thanks”, “Fine” or “Not too bad” or “I’m ok thanks” are all fairly standard responses when we are asked how we are… but oh so dull and boring.  Why bother?  It seems that we are on remote response and just blurt out the same old response regardless of how we feel or how [...]

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Do You Set Boundaries?

What do I mean by setting boundaries? Setting good boundaries basically means that you learn what you can and cannot handle and then, politely, let other people know. Once you communicate what you are willing or able to do, and what you are NOT willing or able to do, you must stick to it. In [...]

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