The importance of connection for mental wellbeing

With Mental Health Awareness coming up next week, combined with an ongoing demand for mental health workshops in business, I decided to write about human connection.  After many thought provoking discussions it has made me realise how incredibly important it is to feel connected. Many studies and research show that as social animals, humans need each other. [...]

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Drop the facade – let’s deal with emotions in the workplace!

Humans are emotional creatures by nature and during the course of a day or even an hour we experience a myriad of emotions fuelled by thoughts.  Sometimes the thoughts and emotions we experience are backed up by negative behaviours which make workplace environments unpredictable and at times unpleasant. What I find so interesting about the [...]

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Emotional chaos in the office? How to deal with it

I often get people coming and asking me how to deal with other people’s emotional behaviour in the workplace.  The usual examples of people breaking down crying when confronted by something, the angry person when things go wrong, the person who suddenly ignores you after a heavy discussion or contrast of opinions– the blanking technique, [...]

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“Hello, how are you?” – meaningless dribble or empowerment?

“I’m good thanks”, “Fine” or “Not too bad” or “I’m ok thanks” are all fairly standard responses when we are asked how we are… but oh so dull and boring.  Why bother?  It seems that we are on remote response and just blurt out the same old response regardless of how we feel or how [...]

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