You can beat fear; you just need to train your mind how to deal with it!

Well I think we all have learnt more so than ever that we live in a world of uncertainty. It’s a fast and furious place of ever-changing technology and culture, and it seems like we cannot count on anything being predictable. From our radios, newspapers, televisions to our political conversations, we are inundated with messages [...]

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Real truths about FEAR

What are you afraid of? Public speaking – Making decisions – Asking for a raise – Intimacy – Changing jobs – Losing a loved one – Leaving a bad relationship – Being alone – Ageing – Facing the future? A common theme I see so often in people is FEAR.  Fear can dominate thoughts and [...]

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Vulnerability – weakness, fear, hurt, betrayal or beauty, rawness, deep love, power?

In recent times, I have been pondering vulnerability and the cycle of its existence in my life. As a personal development and wellbeing coach I ask my clients to open up completely, to drop any façade and just come in raw and deep.  Now this doesn’t often happen by itself and it takes a conversation [...]

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Are you living a complaining life – a gratitude challenge

I have to be honest but I really struggle to stay engaged when I hear people complaining about everything in their life or worse still, complaining about people in their life and doing nothing about it.  The energy is draining and one of powerlessness! Let’s face it, we all complain, even if you think you [...]

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“I don’t have time – I’m so busy” – what does this really say about you?

The familiar sentence “I’m so busy, I don’t have time” seems to be a status symbol of our times!  We’ve all said it before and there are many reasons why!  But is this line really valid or just a big fat lie Nobody is too busy to do the things they really want to do [...]

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