The Power of Your Beliefs

The most common way to shape our perspective of ourselves and our world is what we choose to believe about ourselves and the world around us. Over many years of coaching I have seen how beliefs have unnecessarily destroyed lives, livelihoods, relationships, self-confidence, happiness, health and ultimately success in life. What is a belief?  It [...]

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Vulnerability – weakness, fear, hurt, betrayal or beauty, rawness, deep love, power?

In recent times, I have been pondering vulnerability and the cycle of its existence in my life. As a personal development and wellbeing coach I ask my clients to open up completely, to drop any façade and just come in raw and deep.  Now this doesn’t often happen by itself and it takes a conversation [...]

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Are you in the driver’s seat of your life? Or sitting in the back seat?

Over the many years I have been coaching I see that attitude, responsibility and ownership of ourself and our life is the key if we are to develop strong resilience and create a flourishing life. ​ We can all probably agree that, the negative voice in our head seems to shout the loudest when we [...]

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Drop the facade – let’s deal with emotions in the workplace!

Humans are emotional creatures by nature and during the course of a day or even an hour we experience a myriad of emotions fuelled by thoughts.  Sometimes the thoughts and emotions we experience are backed up by negative behaviours which make workplace environments unpredictable and at times unpleasant. What I find so interesting about the [...]

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